Welcome: Ulla Savolainen
We warmly welcome this semester’s international visiting fellow Dr Ulla Savolainen from the University of Helsinki. Ulla Savolainen is a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies and currently working on oral history research on the internment, and its aftermath, of German and Hungarian citizens during 1944–1946 in Finland, following the war with the Soviet Union. The research explores memories and narratives of individuals who were minors during the internment, analyzing issues relating to silence, agency and nationality on a personal and societal level. Ulla Savolainen’s research is part of the multidisciplinary and international research project entitled Livingmemories: Living together with difficult memories and diverse identities, funded by ‘ERA.NET Plus with Russia’ and coordinated by the University of Helsinki.
On Tuesday, 24 May, Ulla Savolainen will present the ERA.Net RUS Plus Project LIVINGMEMORIES, together with Priska Daphi and Jens Zimmermann from Goethe University Frankfurt.