Visit from the Warwick Memory Group: Two Talks on Contemporary Transcultural Memory Media
22 November 2016, Goethe University Frankfurt
Maria Roca Lizarazu is a final-year PhD candidate in German Studies at the University of Warwick. Her doctoral project focuses on representations of trauma in German- and Austrian-Jewish Holocaust literature by the so-called “generation after”. In her talk “Thomas Mann in Furs: Remediations of Sado-Masochism in Maxim Biller’s Im Kopf von Bruno Schulz”, she argued that Im Kopf von Bruno Schulz invokes the sadomasochistic constellation to reflect on and illustrate Biller’s negative take on the German-Jewish symbiosis.
Rebekah Vince‘s doctoral research, funded by the Wolfson Foundation, focuses on the historical narratives of the Holocaust and colonialism in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as portrayed in contemporary North African fiction written in French. In “Unsettling Memories: the (European) Holocaust and the (Arab) Jew in Israel”, she employed Levy and Sznaider’s three historical stages in memory politics and A. Assmann’s models for dealing with a traumatic past in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as portrayed in texts by Valérie Zenatti, including her translation of Holocaust survivor Aharon Appelfeld’s autobiography.
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