Call for Papers: Doing Memory of Right-Wing Violence in Mediated Public Spheres
Tübingen, 15-16 October 2017
Deadline for proposals: 15 August
This international and interdisciplinary workshop is interested in innovative theoretical and empirical studies on doing memory of right wing violence: The long history of right-wing violence Western societies have witnessed since 1945 includes acts of racist violence, which are socially remembered due to the massive media coverage involved. Nevertheless, there are also many acts of right-wing violence that are almost forgotten. In some cases, remembering is organized only by small groups or family members of those affected by right-wing actors.
Right-wing violence does not only cause individual fear and trauma but also radically unsettles foundations of democratic societies. Hate crimes do not regularly address the victimized individual but the whole group the individual represents according to the perpetrator’s worldview. Additionally, further victimization can occur through inadequate reaction by security forces, media, or personal surroundings: e.g. blaming the victim of being (partially) responsible for or denying the political dimension of the particular act of violence. Our starting point is that societies should publicly remember acts of right-wing violence.
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