New Guest Researcher at FMSP
We are excited to welcome Emil Lundedal Hammar from UiT Tromsø to Frankfurt this semester! Emil is a PhD candidate in Game and Memory Studies and his research project focuses on the intersection between digital games, cultural memory, and hegemony with particular attention to race & the political economy of historical games. He will be in Frankfurt for the full semester and we are looking forward to discussing all sorts of memory studies matters with him!
A good opportunity to get an insight into Emil’s research will be his upcoming presentation during our memory studies colloquium on Tuesday 24 April (12 to 2 pm, IG 1.414). The title of his talk is “Playing the Past: The hegemonic memory politics of producing and playing historical digital games” (click in order to see an abstract of the talk!). Anyone interested in game and/or memory studies is invited to attend!