Out now! Cultural Memory Studies after the Transnational Turn. Special Issue of Memory Studies 11,3 (2018), edited by Astrid Erll and Ann Rigney
Featuring: Astrid Erll: “Homer: A Relational Mnemohistory“; Aleida Assmann: “One Land and Three Narratives: Palestinian Sites of Memory in Israel“; Barbara Törnquist-Plewa: “The Transnational Dynamics of Local Remembrance: The Jewish Past in a Former Shtetl in Poland“; Frank Schulze-Engler: “When Remembering Back is Not Enough: Provincializing Europe in World War II Novels from India and New Zealand“; John Njenga Karugia: “Connective Afrasian Sea Memories: Transregional Imaginaries, Memory Politics, and Complexities of National ‘Belonging’“; Rosanne Kennedy: “Reparative Transnationalism: The Friction and Fiction of Remembering in Sierra Leone“; Neil Levi & Michael Rothberg: “Memory Studies in a Moment of Danger: Fascism, Postfascism, and the Contemporary Political Imaginary“; and Ann Rigney: “Remembering Hope: Transnational Activism Beyond the Traumatic“.