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Digital Storytelling

John Nassari

“Digital Storytelling: Refugee Memory, Postmemory and the Politics of Representation”

16 June 2011

For first and second generation refugees the “homeland” is experienced in different ways, subject to different contexts and positionalities. The relationship between “here” and “there” is always specific and sometimes contradictory. The presentation will explore the way in which memory and postmemory of home is experienced across refugee generations and how different generations develop multiple cultural allegiances. Nassari will consider these issues through two of his recent multi-media projects, exploring questions of voice, home, and representation.


John Nassari is an artist and academic. He has exhibited practice-based research nationally and internationally. He is the director of PhotoInsight, an online art and theory website dedicated to issues in forced migration. John works on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary methodologies in Refugee Studies, and has published widely on refugee representation, identity, memory, and narrative.