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Science Day – Ernst Reuter School 1

Hannah Teichler (University of Frankfurt) and Jarula Wegner (University of Frankfurt)

Science Day at Ernst Reuter School 1:

“Identity and Culture”

Science Day - Hannah TeichlerHanna Teichler and Jarula Wegner of FMSP were invited to the Ernst Reuter Schule 1 to join their annual science day. This year’s topic “Identity and Tolerance” was introduced and discussed in several lectures and workshops. The aim of the annual science day is to bring together fundamental academic research with timely questions and to offer insights into academic fields. Complex and intricate subjects are explained and discussed in class in respect to present issues and questions.

Science Day - Jarula Wegner“Identity and Tolerance” can be regarded as particularly pressing topics, as evidenced by public debates and media coverage. Hanna Teichler gave a lecture on “The Stolen Generation” in Australia, showing how issues of identity and tolerance have been neglected or even denied in the past. This generation poses a fundamental challenge to the present day, not only for those experiencing abduction, denial and re-education, but for society as a whole. Among a variety of necessary amendments is the reconsideration of the memory of Aboriginal culture in relation to and beyond the experience of a “Stolen Generation”.

Science Day - StudentsIn workshops Hanna Teichler and Jarula Wegner discussed the topic “Identity and Culture”. Images of asylum seekers, protesting citizens and integration debates fill public media. Public debates highlight the challenge of migrants to an occidental identity and social cohesion. In light of these debates it deserves to be asked how ‘the occidental identity’ is constructed and which factors come to play in social cohesion. A retroactive simplification and homogenization of memory discourse are but obvious trap doors in these pressing issues.

The science day is organised in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Interior and the Dr. Buhmann Fund.

All pictures taken by Merten Giesen.