MSA Roundtables Video

Roundtable discussions from the conference “Thinking Through the Future of Memory”, inaugural conference of the Memory Studies Association (MSA)

“Thinking Through the Future of Memory: Inaugural Conference of the Memory Studies Association”

Amsterdam, December 2016

Video of the roundtable “Moving Memory” with Astrid Erll, Daniel Levy, Ann Rigney, Michael Rothberg; Chair: Aline Sierp

Video of the roundtable “Do Memory Scholars Matter in Memory Politics” with Jan Kubik, Erica Lehrer, Roma Sendyka, Aline Sierp; Chair: Christina Morina

Video of the roundtable “Where is the Memory Field Going” with William Hirst, Wulf Kansteiner, Siobhan Kattago, Jeffrey Olick; Chair: Jenny Wüstenberg

Roundtable Videos: Fourth Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association, Madrid, June 2019

Roundtable Discussion “Connecting Memory Traditions around the World” Video

With: Astrid Erll (chair), Susannah Radstone, Darlene St.Clair, Jie-Hyun Lim, Ciraj Rassool, Genner Llanes Ortiz

Keynote by Aleida Assmann, Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 2018 Video

Keynote by Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize 2016 Video