As part of the New Frontiers in Memory Studies lecture series, Aleida Assmann (Konstanz) will give a talk about “Forms of Forgetting” on Wednesday, 29 April 2015. This event will take place from 6 to 8 pm in IG 411.

The lecture will be followed by a Memory Studies Master Class on April 30 (beginning at 10 am in IG 1.414). If you are interested in participating in the Master Class, please register via e-mail with Astrid Erll.


Remembering and forgetting are not necessarily polar opposites; more often than not they are mutually dependent and linked to each other in a dynamic relation. Though it may seem counter-intuitive that forgetting can be willfully achieved through intentional actions, I will show that it is an important factor in social dynamics, political processes and cultural practices. The lecture will analyze various form and functions of forgetting in their socio-cultural contexts. It will also ask the question whether the Internet age has introduced a new media situation that has radically changed the ecology of remembering and forgetting.

The video from Aleida Assmann’s talk can be found here

Pictures taken by Ricarda Menn