Jun Yamana is professor at the University of Kyoto in Japan. His specialty is the philosophy of education and the history of educational ideas. He is particularly interested in the possibilities of interpretation of key educational concepts, in the midst of which the dynamics between human and cultures can be imaged on the basis of “Bildung”. He has been primarily concerned with research of the “New Education”-movement that flourished in the first three decades of the 20th century, particularly how it changed perspectives on space. His most recent research interest is in connecting educational science and memory studies through the theory of “Bildung” and “cultural memory studies”.

Recent Publications:

Yamana, J., Educational Ideas of Cities and Architectures, Keiso Shobo: Tokyo, 2015. (in Japanese)

Yamana, J./Yano, S. (eds.), Can Memory of Catastrophes Be Passed on to Others? Possibility and Border of Education, Keiso Shobo: Tokyo, 2017. (in Japanese)

Jun Yamana visited the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform in December 2016 and gave a talk on “The State of Memory Studies in Japan.”