Sébastien Fevry was visiting researcher at the FMSP during the summer semester 2014.

He is associated professor at the School of Communication in the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL, Belgium), Sébastien Fevry works in the field of Memory Studies, focusing especially on cinema and image. He has recently co-edited a collection of articles on the images of the Apocalypse in cinema. His latest book, La comédie cinématographique à l’épreuve de l’Histoire, has been published by L’Harmattan (2013).

Project: National and Transnational Memory in Contemporary French Cinema

Recent publications:

“Aesthetics of Recognition and Photofilmic Dynamics: Remembering in the Cinema of Henri-François Imbert.” Image & Narrative, 16.3 (2015): 4-16. (PDF)

“Calais comme lieu d’entre-mémoire.” EspacesTemps.net, 08.12.2015. (PDF)

“Immigration and Memory in Popular Contemporary French Cinema: The Film as ‘Lieu d’Entre-Mémoire’.” Revista de Estudios Globales & Arte Contemporáneo. Special Issue Memoria y el Otro. Memorias Translocales y Transdisciplinares, 2.1 (2014). (PDF)

email: Sebastien.Fevry[at]uclouvain.be