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Memory Research in Frankfurt

The pivot point of our memory studies research and discussions in Frankfurt is the working group Interdisciplinary Memory Studies, which is hosted by the Frankfurt Humanities Research Centre (FZHG). Please feel invited to join in! Just send a quick e-mail to Astrid Erll to sign up.

Check out other working groups on memory here.




Migration and Transcultural Memory: Literature, Film and the Social Life of Media (Astrid Erll, Erin Högerle, Jarula Wegner)

Transcultural Memory and the Migration Film: Asian American Cinema and its Performance at Film Festivals (Erin Högerle)

Caribbean Carnival and the Production of Transcultural Memory (Jarula Wegner)

Im ‚Visier‘ des Künstlers. Untersuchungen zur ästhetischen Konzeption künstlerischer Kriegsfotografie (Sophie-Charlotte Opitz)

Memory Translation and Civil Wars (Maria Elisabeth Dorr)

Between Agency and Victimhood: Remembering Women in South Asian Partition Narratives (Sayma Khan)

Sorry isn’t enough: The performance of ‘Sorry Politics’ in literature and (multi)media and the effort to reconcile indigenous and non-indigenous groups in Australia and Canada (Hanna Teichler)

Shared travelling abroad – New Dynamics of Private Vacation Photography in Social Network Sites (Carolin Anda)

Falling Man – Icons and Myths of 9/11 (Ruth Knepel)

The Indian Ocean as Memory Space (Astrid Erll, Sissy Helff, John Njenga Karugia)

Integrative Approaches Between Narratology and Memory Studies – After Testimony (Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard)

Literature of Remembrance in la nueva narrativa (Lela Weigt)

National and Transnational Memory in Contemporary French Cinema (Sébastien Fevry)

Programming, Curating and Reconstruction as Elements of a Performative Practice of Film Historiography (Senta Siewert)

Parliament Politics: A Material Semiotic Analysis of Liberal Democracy (Endre Dányi)


Between the Nation and Europe. National Museums as Europoeic Media (Sarah Czerney)

The Jewish Exile in Shanghai (1933-1949) (Zhuang Wei)

Mediated Figures of Memory and the British Post-War Novel (Zeno Ackermann)

Guatemala: Nunca más – Never again. Desde el trauma de la guerra Civil hacia la integración étnica, democracia y justicia social (Roland Spiller)

How History Enters Photography (Astrid Erll, Sissy Helff, Stefanie Michels, John Nassari)