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The Jewish Exile in Shanghai (1933-1949)

The Jewish Exile in Shanghai 1933-1949: on the plurimedial and transcultural dynamics of its memory cultures (Zhuang Wei)

This project analyzes the plurimediality and transculturality of the recollections and reconstructions of the Jewish Exile in Shanghai (1933-1949) in different media (literature, documentary, photography, historiography, news media, etc.) from various socio-cultural backgrounds. The main questions are: 1. How do these media transform former medial representations in order to reconfigure the history according to their own medium-specific aesthetics, technologies, forms and marketing strategies in plurimedial networks? 2. How are the representations fundamentally influenced or even determined by their social, cultural and ethical contexts and conventions of production, circulation and reception, which endow the remembrance of the Jewish Exile in Shanghai with a high transcultural quality? 3. How are converging or conflicting collective memories of different groups staged in the medial representations of the Jewish Exile in Shanghai?