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Workshop with Dagmar Brunow (Linnaeus University) in cooperation with the Studiengalerie

Watch now! Video recording available: Masterclass with Dagmar Brunow (Linnaeus University)

11/07/2019 12:00am, Campus Westend, IG Farben Building, 1.414

Memory Studies Master Class and Other FMSP Event

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Summer Semester 2018:

Project Presentations

PhD Project Presentation: Emil Lundedal Hammar (University of Tromsø, Norway)

Playing the Past: The Hegemonic Memory Politics of Producing and Playing Historical Digital Games

Frankfurt, 24 April 2018 (12-2 pm, IG 1.414)

PhD Project Presentation: Jordis Lau (University of Hamburg)

Foregrounding the Past – Literary Modernism into Media Art

Frankfurt, 29 May 2018 (12-2 pm, IG 1.414)

Presentation: Madeleine Scherer (University of Warwick)

“When would I enter that light beyond metaphor?”: The Burden of Antiquity

Frankfurt, 21 June 2018 (12-2 pm, Cas 1.812)


Workshop with Emil Lundedal Hammar (University of Tromsø) and Stephanie de Smale (Utrecht University)

Playful Memory-Making: Studying Memory in Games

Frankfurt, 12 June 2018 (16:15-18:00, Cas 1.812)

Summer Semester 2016:


New Directions and Challenges in Cultural Memory Studies: Past, Present, Future

Keynote by Astrid Erll at the symposium “New Directions and Challenges in Memory Studies”, coorganised by the GCSC, Gießen and the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform

(Astrid Erll)

Justus Liebig University, Gießen, June 2016

Video (scroll down to access video)

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Project Presentations

Living Together With Difficult Memories and Diverse Identities

Project presentation by Ulla Savolainen (University of Helsinki), Priska Daphi (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Jens Zimmermann (Goethe University Frankfurt)

24 May 2016

Life Narratives and the Sculpting of Gendered Trans-Regional East African Asian Memories

Presentation by Mala Pandurang (Dr. BMN College, Mumbai)

12 May 2016


Working with Orality: Interviewing as a Methodology of Memory Studies

Workshop by Ulla Savolainen (University of Helsinki)

03 May 2016

Winter Semester 2015/16:


Vom kulturellen Gedächtnis zur transkulturellen Erinnerung: Neue Perspektiven auf die Bibliothek der Alten in der Migrationsgesellschaft

A lecture by Astrid Erll (Goethe University) at the Historisches Museum Frankfurt

24 February 2016

Details on the event

Summer Semester 2015:


Provincializing European Memory

International conference of the NITMES network

24-25 September 2015

Poster (PDF)


Project Presentations

Remembering the Temple of Jerusalem: the Image of the Future and the Memory of the Past

Project presentation by Yemima Cohen (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

21 April 2015


The Audiovisual Production of Transcultural Memory in Europe

Workshop of the working group Mediation in the COST-ISTME Network

Dubrovnik, 17-19 September 2015


Memory and Materialism

Summer school of the Mnemnonics Network for Memory Studies

London, 8-10 September 2015

Blog entry

Collective Amnesia, Denial or Disavowal of History? The Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius and its Colonial Past

Indian Ocean Memories Workshop (co-organised by AFRASO & FMSP)

A talk by Gitanjali Pyndiah with comments by Astrid Erll, Sissy Helff and John Njenga Karugia

19 May 2015


Winter Semester 2014/15:


Digital Memories, Digital Methods: Transcultural Memory in Europe Beyond Web 2.0

Workshop of the working group Mediation in the COST-ISTME Network

Budapest, 29 September – 03 October 2014



Summer Semester 2014:


Media of Memory

Summer school of the Mnemonics Network for Memory Studies

Stockholm, 21-23 August 2014

The Indian Ocean World: The Past Alive in the Present

Renu Modi, University of Mumbai (co-organised by AFRASO & FMSP)

19 May 2014

Winter Semester 2013/14:


National Celebrations and Cultural Memory in Multicultural Societies

Panel discussion

12 February 2014

Abstract (PDF) and Poster (PDF)


Battle Lines: Contested Remembrance and the Anzac Centenary

Guest lecture with Bruce Scates (Monash University, Australia)

12 February 2014

Poster (PDF)

Umwege – Detours: Moving Knowledge, Translating Identities


6-7 February 2014

Flyer (PDF)

Summer Semester 2013:


Europe After Empire: Mediations of Imperial and Colonial Memory in Transcultural Perspective

Workshop of the working group Mediation in the COST-ISTME Network

Krakow, 16-18 September 2013


Memory Unbound: Transcultural, Transgenerational, Transmedial, and Transdisciplinary Dynamics of Memory

Summer school of the Mnemonics Network for Memory Studies

Ghent, 09-11 September 2013

Winter Semester 2013/14:


Guatemala: Nunca más – Never again. Desde el trauma de la guerra Civil hacia la integración étnica, democracia y justicia social


01-03 November 2012

Conference Programme (PDF)

My Grandparents – A Long-Term Project by Mats Staub

Special exhibition at historisches museum frankfurt

12 September 2012 to 27 January 2013

Guest talk by Astrid Erll: “Wie sich Familien erinnern. Der Einfluss von Medien und Dingen auf Erinnerungen.”

historisches museum frankfurt, 16 January 2013, 6 pm

Flyer (PDF)