Call for Papers: International Conference Co-Memoration: Limits, Challenges, and Possibilities in Contemporary Shoah

Freiburg, 19-21 April 2018
Deadline for applications: 30 November 2017
The organisers, Daniela Henke and Tom Vanassche, describe their intent with this conference as follows: “The aim is threefold. Firstly, we want to consider more instances of commemoration within German-speaking countries which can be analysed through the perspective of co-memoration. In a similar vein, (historical) discourses of (purported) comemoration, which may rather evoke a renewed competition between groups of victims, need to be critically assessed. Secondly, we are looking for similar examples from other languages. Thirdly, we are very much looking forward to contributions which link theories of fiction to theories of commemoration. Does the field of Memory Studies reflect on the social status of fiction, which in the case of the Shoah seems to be defined and discussed differently from other topics? Conversely, may theorists of fiction approach questions such as the integration of historical facts in fictional narratives differently by taking insights from the field of Memory Studies into account?
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