Presentation: “When would I enter that light beyond metaphor?”: The Burden of Antiquity
Frankfurt, 21 June 2018 (12-2 pm, Cas 1.812)
On the 21st of June, Madeleine Scherer (University of Warwick) will be visiting us in Frankfurt to discuss some of the strategies Caribbean writers Walcott and Harris have utilized to negotiate the complicated legacy of classical antiquity, and will also compare their approaches with José Triana’s Medea in the Mirror, a revision of the ancient Medea myth in modern Cuba that sees its heroine possessed by the spirit of the ancient sorceress. Through discussing the strategies of these different writers and dramatists to approaching the much-contested history of the Caribbean, classical antiquity, and the legacies of European colonialism, this talk will highlight the unique and crucial impact Caribbean authors have made on the concept of ‘classical reception’, and the discussions they have shaped around the ideas of legacy and cultural heritage.
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